Preconference CMEs

Hands-on Training on Basic Obstetric Ultrasound Venue- Speaker: Professors Joan Mastrobattista, Turan Shifa and Nasrin Benion (sonographer)

Hands-on Training on Laparoscopy- Speaker:  Professor Diana Curran

Hands on training on Advanced Operative Obstetrics Venue- Speakers: 1. Elham Baghestan, 2. Kim Hinshaw, Professor 3. Jörg Kessler, Professor, 4. Torvid Kiserud, 5.Ferenc Macsali, Consultant,

Vaginal breech delivery - when it gets difficult- Speaker: Ferenc Machali

Alternative birth positions in breech delivery- Speaker:  Jørg Kessler

Hands-on training, breech- Speaker:  Hinshaw, Macsali, Kessler, Baghestan

Anal sphincter injury; diagnosis, treatment, counseling- Speaker: Elham Baghestan

Twin delivery - on the outlook for trouble- Speaker: Jørg Kessler

Hands-on training, twin (combined version, extraction)- Speaker:  Kessler, Hinshaw, Baghestan, Macsali 

Placenta accreta/percreta - conservative or surgical treatment- Speaker: Jørg Kessler

Uterine rupture- Speaker: Torvid Kiserud

Cervical cancer screening Speaker: Dr. Dawit Desalegn 

Cancer Guidelines Navigator Speaker: Dr. Roy Vergis, MD

Management of obstetric anal sphincter injuries Speaker: Dr. William Kobak (OASIS)

Planning your family- An Update on LARC and Permanent Contraception Speaker: Dr. Ferid Abbas

Empowering the OBGYN physicians as advocates for WASH in healthcare facilities Speaker: Dr. Pratima Gupta, MD FACOG, UCSD, University of California, San Diego

Management of advanced ovarian cancer Speakers: Prof. Christoph Thomssen

Radiotherapy in OBGYN oncology- Speaker:  Dr. Edom Seife ( MD, Clinical Oncologist)

Hereditary gynecologic malignancies- Speaker: Dr. Rahel Gebre

Sacrospinus ligament suspension surgical steps and its indication- Speaker:  Dr. Rahel Nardos

Urinary incontinence workup and treatment- Speaker Dr. Lopa Pandya

Diagnosis and management of ureteric injury- Speaker:  Dr. Fekade Ayanachew 

Make Contraceptive Methods: Current and Future Approaches- Speaker Dr. Sarah W. Prager

Ethics of global health mission- Speaker:  Professor Peter Schwartz

Research data analysis plan and research data management- Speaker: Dr. Mekitie Wondafrash

A novel surgical method for treatment of Placenta Accreta Spectrum (PAS)- Speaker: Professor Ozhan Shifa

FIGO Updates   on preeclampsia screening- Speaker: Dr Balkachew Nigatu 

Empowering the OBGYN physicians as advocates for WASH in healthcare facilities- Speaker: Pratima Gupta

Cancer Guidelines Navigator- Speaker: Dr. Roy Vergis, MD

Ultrasound Evaluation of Fetal Aneuploidy in the First and Second Trimesters- Speaker: Joan Mastrobattista

Updates on prenatal screening and results of genetic testing after amniocentesis- Speaker:  Dr Zewdu Terefework (M.Sc, Ph.D)

Identification and Management of IUGR- Speaker:  Torvid Kiserud

Heart Disease during Pregnancy: Global and Local Perspectives- Speaker: Dr. Joan Briller, Cardiologist

Updates on the current status and future of IVF in Ethiopia- Speaker: Dr. Mustefa Negash

Management of endometriosis- Speaker:  Professor Diana Curran 

2nd trimester abortion care: current status and approaches- Speaker:  Dr. Sara W. Prager

Clinical management of fetal growth restriction (FGR) - Speaker:  Ozhan Turan/ Shifa Tura

Complications of twin pregnancy - Speaker:  Ozhan Turan/ Shifa Turan

Conference Panels

Global Perspective on Challenges and Opportunities of SRHR- Speakers: Prof Sarah Prager

Program and Policy Perspective on Challenges and Opportunities of SRHR Speakers: Dr. Melkamu Abte, Head, Amhara Regional Health Bureau head

Providers View on the Current Challenges and Opportunities of SRHR Speakers: Dr. Feleke Worku, Marie Stopes International Ethiopia

How is the Current Status of SRHR in Ethiopia in Addressing the Needs of People with Disabilities? Speakers: Mrs. Dibab Bacha, Ethiopian Women with Disability National Association

Professional Societies’ Role in Promoting SRHR Speakers: Dr. Malede Birara, Executive Board Bember of ESOG

An Innovation in Management of PPH Carbitocin Launch Speakers: Professor Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, Former president of FIGO

The legal Framework and the Gaps in Bridging the Medical and Legal Interface Speakers: Mr. Leuleselassie Liben, Federal Supreme Court: National Coordination Body  

The Clinical Care for Sexual Assault Survivors and the Challenge Providers have in Addressing the Legal Side, Solomon Kombi, Former ESOG president

Linking the survivors to the continuum of care: the support given by sanctuary houses Speakers: Mrs. Maria Munir, Lawyer, Founder of the Association for Woman’s Sanctuary and Development (AWSAD))

The youth and Gender-Based Violence – The Scope and Depth of the Problem Speakers: Ms. Yordanos T. Wolde, Talent youth association

Coordination of efforts in addressing gender-based violence Speakers: Mrs. Yelfign Abegaz UN Women

Scientific Session

Abstracts Presented: Oral PresentationsMenstrual Hygiene Management and Associated Factors among High School Girls in Finote Selam Town, Northwest Ethiopia, 2019- Speakers: Zinie Abita

Poster Presentations