Update on Cervical Cancer Guidelines and Interdisciplinary Treatment of Gynecologic Oncology: by Dr. Eva Kantelhardt, Dr Rahel Ghebre, Dr. Christoph Thomssen, Dr. Thorsten Kuehn

Update on Surgical Management of UVP: by Amy Ellen Rosenman, MD

Monochorionic Twins: An Updated Review of Complications & Its Management AAPM: by Abdel Latef Ashmeig Kahliffa, Professor

Second Trimester Anomaly Scan: by Dr. Sami Mohammed Abdelkaheir

Update on HPV Vaccine: by Dr. Yirgu G/Hiwot

Updates on Family Planning Methods (Long Acting and Permanent Methods): by Dr. Yirgu G.Hiwot, Egender Health and Marie-stopes

Updates on D&E: by Dr. Munir Kassa, Dr. Feruz Surur

Scientific Papers Presented

Obstetric Facility Quality, and Maternal Health Service Utilization and Morbidities in Northern Ethiopia: A Cross - Sectional Study: by Girmatsiton Fisseha, Yemane Berhane, Alemayehu Worku, Wondwossen Terefe 
Reducing Maternal Deaths Due to Obstetric Hemorrhage in Ethiopia: What are the Priorities? by Azmach Hadush, Ftalew Dagnaw, Sintayehu Abebe, Ruth Lawley, Joanna Busza 
The use of Continuing Household Surveys to Generate Timely Date for Annual Program Outcome Mentoring: Experience from the Integrated Family Health Program in Ethiopia: by Girma Kassie, Kidest Lulu, Mengistu Asnake 
Basic Emergency maternal and neonatal care status of South Gondar Zone, North central Ethiopia: Institutional Descriptive Survey, June 2016: by Bedilu Abebe, Mekonnen Assefa 
Pregnant Women’s Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Danger Signs during Pregnancy: by Sofanit Haile
Using Scorecards to Catalyze Action for Improvements in Maternal and Newborn Survival in Three States in Nigeria:by Tunde Segun, Camille Thomas, Sara Nam, Ellie Hukin, Jenna De St. Jorre, Oko Lgado 
WHO’s Fetal Growth Charts: A Multinational Longitudinal Study Fetal Weight: by Torvid Kiserud, Gilda Piaggio, Guillermo Carroli, Mariana Widmer, Jose Carvalho, Lisa Neerup Jensen, Danilel Giordano, Jose Guilherme Cecatti, Hany Abdel Aleem, Sameera ATalegawkar, Alexandera Benachi, Anke Dimert, Antoinette Tshefu Kitoto, Jadsada Thinkhamrop, Pisake Lumbiganon, Ann Tabor, Alka Kriplani, Rogelio Gonzalez, Perez, Kurt Hecher, Mark A Hanson, AMetin Gulmezoglu, Lawrence D Platt 
New WHO Recommendations on Antenatal Care for a Positive Pregnancy Experience: by Joshua Vogel
Accuracy of Ultrasound Estimation of Fetal Weight at Three Teaching Hospitals in Addis Ababa: by Alexander Mohammed, Yirgu G/Hiwot 
Postmenopausal Hirsutism and Hyperandrogenemia due to Granulosa Cell Tumor of Ovary: by Elfalet Fekadu work 
Cervical Stump Pregnancy Six Years after Subtotal Hysterectomy: by Dawud Mohamed 
Advanced Intraligamentous Pregnancy and Several Preeclampsia with Alive Fetus, an Extremely Rate Case Report:by Ahmed Amdihun, Fekade Getachew 
Gynecological Morbidity Among Women in Reproductive Age: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis: by Merga Dheresa 
Distribution of Gynecological Admissions at Saint Paul’s Millennium Medical College (SPHMMC): One-Year Retrospective Chart Review: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: by Hassen Hussien, Abdulfetah Abdulkadir 
The Prevalence, Induction, Type and Complications of Elective Hysterectomy in Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Institution Based Retrospective Study: by Ermias Abate, Yibrah Berhe, Wondwossen Terefe 
Achievements and challenge of implementing Maternal Death Review (MDSR)in Sudan 2010-2015: by Umbeli T, Eltahir S, Seham A Habeeb Allah, Nuha A Saliheen, Kunna A, Mohamed S Ahmed, Mirghani SM 
Maternal Mortality in Ethiopia: Most Recent National MDSR Date: by Abdurehman Usman, Sintayehu Abebe, Azmach Hadush, Ftalew Dagnaw, Joanna Busza, Lawley 
Maternal Near Miss Morbidity and Mortality in Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hospital, Estern Ethiopia: by Abera K. Tura, Yirgu G/Hiwot, Sicco Scherjon, Jos Van Roosmalen, Thomas Van Den Akker, Jelle Steke Lenburg, Joost Zwart
Pregnancy Related Acute Kidney Injury Requiring Dialysis at the Hemodialysis Unit at Saint Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College (SPHMMC): by Delayehu Bekele, Momina Ahmed, Ahmed Ibrahim, Seman Kedir, Grace, Chan,
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Health Professionals towards Labor Companion in Health Institutions of Addis Ababa: by Sewit Getachew 
Risk Factors for Preterm Birth among Mothers Delivered in Public Hospitals, Mekelle Town, Northern Ethiopia: Hospital -Based Matched Case Control Study: by Hagos Gidey, Yibrah Berhe, Afework Mulugeta
Trends and Outcomes of Cesarean delivery in Ayder Referral Hospital: by Habtom Tadesse, Amanuel Gessessew, Aray Abraha
Prevalence of Precancerous Cervical Lesions Using Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid among Pregnant Women in Addis Ababa: by Mekdes Daba, Shiferaw Negash 
Burden and Genotype Distribution of High Risk Human Papilloma Virus and Cervical Cytology Abnormalities at Selected Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics in Addis Ababa: by Kirubel Eshetu, Kassu Desta, Ibrahim Mohammed, Mesfin Nigussie, Dawit Solomon, Tasew Haile, R-J. TENHOVe, Tsegaye Haile, Zufan Lakew 
Prevalence of VIA Positive Precancerous Cervical Lesions and Determinant Factors among Women Attending RGOPD in SPHMMC: by Meseret Ansa, Tadios Mekonnen
Cervical Cancer Screening Practice in St. Luke Hospital Walliso: by Hezkiel Petros 
Outcome and Predictors of Surgical Repair of Obstetric Vesicovaginal Fistula at Jimma University Specialized Hospital South West Ethiopia: Retrospective Cohort Study: by Demisew Amenu, Ahadu Workneh, Desta Hiko 
Sigmoid Neovagina for Severe Vaginal Stenosis after Obstetric Fistula: by Fekade Ayenanchew 
Reasons for Delay in Decision Making and Reaching Health Facility among Obstetric Fistula and Pelvic Organ Prolapse Patients in Gondar University Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia: by Mulat Adefris, Solomon Mekonnen, Kiros Terefe, Abebaw Addis, Azmeraw Adigo, Selamawit Amare, Dorothy Lazar, Aster Berhe, Chernet Baye
Practice of Colpocliasis in Gondar University Hospital: Retrospective Study, Gondar, Ethiopia: by Birhanu Abera 
Continuous Urinary diversion (Mainz Pouch II) in Women with Several Urinary Incontinence following Obstetric Fistula: by Renate Roentgen 
Prevalence and Drug Susceptibly Pattern of Group B Streptococci (GBS) among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care (ANC) in Nekemte Referral Hospital (NRH), Nekemte, Ethiopia: by Hailemariam Mihiretie Mengistu, Olifan Zewdie, Adugna Belew, Regea Dabsu 
Seroepidemiology Study of Cytomegalovirus and Rubella among Pregnant Women at St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: by Mamuye Yeshwondm, Balkachew Nigatu, Delayehu Bekele, Getahun Mekonnen 
Antibiogram Profile of Uropathgens Isolated at Bahir Dar Regional Health Research Laboratory Center, Ethiopia: by Awoke Derbie, Enyew Abate
Asymptomatic Bacteriuria among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic in Bahir Dar: a Prospective Bacteriological Study: by Awoke Derbie, Enyew Abate, Daniel Mekonnen 
Prevalence and Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Streptococcus Agalactia among Pregnant Women at a University Hospital in Ethiopia: by Woubishet Girma, Nadia Yimer, Tesfaye Kassa, Elias Ali Yesuf
Quality of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Case Management was Found poor in Health Facilities of Adama Town, Eastern Ethiopia 2015; the Missed Opportunities to Control HIV Spread: by Abay Burusie 
HIV Prevalence and Sexual Behaviors of Haramaya University Students: Implication for Intervention: by Merga Dheresa, Yadeta Dessie, Lemessa Oljira, Nugusse Busa
Challenges of PMTCT Service Utilization in Amhara Region: a Comparative Cross Sectional Study: Berhanu Elfu, Belaynew Wasie 
Maternal HIV Status Affects the Infant Hemoglobin Level: A Comparative Cross-Sectional Study: by Berhanu Elfu
Determinants of Poor Nutritional Status among Adult Patients on Anti-Retro Viral Drug, At Debre Markos Referral Hosptal, Northwest Ethiopia: Case Control Study Design: by Ayenew Negesse, Mekuanint Taddele, Dube Jara 
Determinants of Gestational Diabetic Mellitus: A Case Control Study: by Berhanu Elfu 
Pregnant Mothers are More Anemic than Lactating Mothers: A Comparative Cross-sectional Study: by Berhanu Elfu
Risk Factors of Neural Tube Defects (NTDs) at Three Teaching Hospitals of Addis Ababa University: A case control study: by Abel Gedefaw, Sisay Teklu
Prevalence of Neural Tube Defects (NTDs) at Three Teaching Hospitals of Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia: Across-Sectional Study: by Abel Gedefaw, Sisay Teklu 
Effects of Implementing Standards-Based Management and Recognition (SBM-R) on Mistreatment of Women in Public Health Facilities: by Ephrem D, Sheferaw, Hannah Gibson, Sintayehu A, Woldie, Young-Mi Kim, Thomas Van den Akker, Jelle Stekelenburg
Comparison between Nitroglycerin Dermal Path and Nifedipine for Treatment of Preterm Labor: A Randomized Clinical Trial: by Maryam Kashanian, Zahra Zamen 
What are the Determinants of Voluntary Blood Donation in the City of Bahir Dar? A case control study: by Berhanu Elfu Feleke, Gedefaw Abejie Fekadu 
Breast Self-Examination Practice and Associated Factors among Female Health Professional Working in Wollega Health Facilities, Western Oromia, Ethiopia, 2015: by Worku Dechassa Heyi, Alemu Sufa, Elias Legesse
Exclusive Breast Feeding and Maternal Employment in Ethiopia: A Comparative Cross-Sectional Study: by Mekuannit Tadelle 
Determinants of Long Acting Reversible Contraception Method Use among Mothers in Extended Postpartum Period, Durame Town, Southern Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Community Based Survey: by Yirga Ewnetu Tamrie, Ewenat Gebre Hanna, Mesele Damte Argaw
Awareness of Female Students Attending Higher Educational Institutions toward Legalization of Safe Abortion and Associated Factors, Harai Region, Easten Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study: by Ayele Geleto, Jote Markos 
Socio-Economic and Demographic Determinants of Adolescent Fertility in Eastern Ethiopia: by Nega Assefa, Melkamu Merid, Yadeta Dessie 
Determinants of Abortion among Youth Seeking RH Care in Selected Health Facilities, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: by Bisrat Fantaye 
Assessment of Pain Management Practice During Uterine Evacuation Procedures: by Hanna Teklu, Solomon Kombi 
Improving Access to and Availability of Long-Acting and Reversible Contraceptive Methods-Lessons Learned from Implementing a Breakthrough Strategy in Urban Public Facilities in Ethiopia: by Meskerem Demissie, Ambaw Damtew 
Promising Practice in Community Engagement: Combining Group Communication and Home Visit to Improve LARCIPM Service Uptake-Experience from Ethiopia: by Ambaw Damte, Blanka Homolova 
Male Engagement in Family Planning: A case in Bonke Woreda, SNNPR, Ethiopia: by Wondwesen Jebessa, Ambaw Damtew 
Postpartum Intrauterine Devices: Preliminary Results from a Key Intervention to Increase Counseling, Quality of Care and Uptake in Ethiopia: by Tibebu Beddada, Dereje Negussie, Sanjida Hasan, Analee Etheredge 
Scaling up Community Based Distribution of Injectable Contraceptives in Tigray, Ethiopia: by Amanuel Gessessew, Hagos Godefay, Nodola Prata, Karen Weidert, Suzanne Bell
The Impact of Maternal Obesity on Macrosomia and Related Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes among Women Attending Ibrahim Malik Maternity Hospital – Khartoum Sudan 2015-2016: by Sidding Omer Handady, Hajar Hassan Sakin 
Assessment of Client Satisfaction on the Existing on the Existing Intra-Partum Care and Associated Factors Among Mothers Who Give Birth in Gondar University Teaching Hospital; North West Ethiopia, 2016: Kiros Terefe, Getachew Shiferaw, Abebaw Gebeyehu, Solomon Mekonnen, Adino Tesfahun
Coping with High and Frequent Attrition of Trained Providers: A structured On -the -Job Training (SOJT) Initiative at Public Health Facilities: by Zerihun Bogale, Assefa Alemu 
How Well are Medico-Legal Issues Perceived by Ob-Gyn Specialists? by Alula M. Teklu, Feiruz Surur, Delayehu Bekele, Munir Kassa, Berhanu Kebede, Ananya Solomon 
The World Association of Training of Trainees in Obstetrics & Gynecology (WATOG): BY Elhadi Miskeen, Evelyne Kamboigo, Kaouther Dimassi and Olivier Ami