Pelvic organ prolapse simple screening inventory (POPSSI):  by Dr. Dawit Worku

Application of the 1 – hour test and a novel pictorial questionnaire in the assessment of urinary incontinence following successful closure of obstetric vecovaginal fistula: by Dr. Fekade Ayenachew

The Changing face of vesicovaginal fistula as the result of obstetric trauma: by Dr. Fekade Ayenachew

Cervical Cancer in Ethiopia: by Dr. Eva Johanna Kantelhardt

Incidence and Determinants of Puerperal Fever among Parturients who gave birth in Tertiary Teaching Hospital, Addis Ababa by Dr. Fikremelekot Temesgen   

Determinants and Utilization of Institutional delivery in selected PHCUs of Tigray, Amhara, Oromia and SNNPR Ethiopia: by Dr. Birhanu Sendek

Assessment of Option B+ adherence: by Dr. Nebiat Arage Identification of Disseminations of Client Satisfaction with Comprehensive Abortion Care: by Bekalu Mossie

Patterns in Ethiopia’s Maternal Deaths: MDSR Data May 2013 – December 2014: by Dr Azmach Hadush

Surviving fetus from Abdominal Pregnancy: by Dr. Birhanu Abera