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The 1st annual conference:

The 2nd annual conference:
Conference theme: Unsafe Abortion:
Addressed the issue thoroughly and created awareness on the magnitude of the problem and the maternal mortality and morbidity caused by unsafe abortion in Ethiopia.
Issues addressed in the panel discussion include:
Historical notes on abortion: by Dr. Adane Gossa, senior Obstetrician and Gynecologist, AAU medical faculty
Survey of Abortion in Addis Ababa: by Dr. Seyoum Yoseph, senior Obstetrician and Gynecologist, AAU medical faculty. The paper summarized the results of a survey of cases of abortion managed in Five Hospitals in Addis Ababa.
Women’s Affairs Office and the issue of Abortion: by W/O Tadelech Haile Michael, Minister of Women affairs in the Prime Minister's Office.
Women Empowerment and the issue of Abortion: by W/o Zewdie Abegaz.

The 3rd annual conference:
Conference theme: Essential obstetric care which focused on the components of essential care.
Issues addressed in the panel discussion include:
Components of Essential Obstetric Care: by Dr. Bo Moller, senior Obstetrician and Gynecologist, advisor to the family health department of ministry of health Ethiopia.
Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative: by A.O Grange, WHO, MO/MCH, Nigeria.
Scientific Papers presented Include:
Obstetric fistula: a retrospective study of 1210 cases: by Dr. Mulu Muleta.
Maternal Mortality in Gondar College of Medical sciences: by Dr. Abdulhamid Yishak.
Incidence an determinants of infectious morbidity following Cesarean section: by Dr. Yirgu G/ Hiwot.
Pelvic abscess and HIV Infection by Dr. Assefa Atakilti.
Tubal Ligation and Mini Laparatomy the Gondar Experience by Dr. Kidane G/ Kidane.

The 4th Annual Conference
Conference theme: Adolescent reproductive health.
Panel Discussion on Adolescent reproductive health: Adolescent reproductive health problems in Kenya. by Dr. Kama Rogo.
Scientific papers presented:
Community based distribution of family planning: by Dr. I Willem.
Grand multi-parity at Jimma Hospital: by Dr. Solomon Mehari.
A randomized controlled therapeutic trial of MVA VS SMC in the treatment of incomplete abortion: by Dr. Ephrem Kassaye.
A survey of adolescent RH in the city of Addis Ababa: by Dr. Eyob Tadesse.

The 5th annual conference:
Conference theme: STD HIV/AIDS.
Issues addressed in the panel discussion include:
Epidemiology of AIDS: by Dr. Derege Kebede.
AIDS in pregnant women: by Dr. Bekele Chamiso.
STD, HIV /AIDS in Ethiopia: by Dr. Hailu Negassa.
HIV Sero-prevalence and its association with Syphilis sero- positivity: by Dr. Kidane G/Kidan.
HIV/ AIDS as occupational hazard: by Dr. Elisabeth Duncan.
Prevention of HIV transmission in the community: by Dr. Daniel Fekade.

The 6th Annual conference:
Conference theme: Violence Against Women.
Issues addressed in the panel discussion include:
Violence against women magnitude of the problem: by Mrs Judith Kennedy Family health department, Ministry of Health Ethiopia.
Violence against women: the Female Genital Mutilation: by W/o Almaz H / Selassie, private Consultant.
Violence against Women the Legal Aspect: by W/o original W/Giorgis, Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association.

The 7th Annual Conference:
Conference theme:  Illegal and Unsafe abortion In Ethiopia.
Issues addressed in the panel discussion include:
Illegal and unsafe abortion the African Experience: by Ato Sahlu Haile, senior Advisor, Packard Foundation.
Illegal and unsafe abortion its magnitude and scope the Ethiopian situation: by Dr. Seyoum Yoseph, Private Consultant, Obstetricians and Gynecologist.
RH service in Ethiopia: what is missing and what is to be done in light of Illegal and unsafe abortion: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Gondar College of Medical Sciences.
The social impact of illegal and unsafe abortion: a sociological viewpoint: by Prof. Seyoum G/ Selassie, Addis Ababa University department of sociology and population studies.
Legal issues concerning illegal and unsafe abortion in Ethiopia by W/o original W/Giorgis, Ethiopian women Lawyers Association.

The 8th Annual Conference
Conference theme: The role of NGOs (RH) in supporting health and family planning services in Ethiopia.
Issues addressed in the panel discussion include:
The Experience of Oromia Health Bureau in working with RH NGOs: by Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed, Head ORHB.
RH NGOs in Ethiopia, Contributions and Problems: by W/o Tigist Alemu and Ato Hailu Belachew from COFAP.
Complimentarity and support of RH NGOs in RH/FP: by Dr. Tesfanesh Belay, Head Family Health Department, Ministry of Health.
Scientific papers presented:
Topical microbicides- A promising new prevention technology for STI/HIV infections: by Dr. Melaku Adane.
Uterine rupture in Yirgalem Hospital: by Dr. Yewondwossen Tilahun.
Female Genital Mutilation: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi.
Cross sectional study on sexuality and selected RH problems among Tikur Anbessa high school students: by Dr. Zerai Kassaye.

The 9th Annual Conference:
ESOG dedicated to the 4th  annual conference of East Central and Southern African association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
Conference theme: Taking reproductive health to the people.
Topic of the panel Discussion: Magnitude of maternal mortality and morbidity in Africa.
Papers presented in the Panel:
Maternal survival and health a pathway to development in Uganda: by Prof. Mirembe.
Burden of obstetric fistulae: a life time Experience: by Dr. Catherine Hamlin.
Save the mothers initiative: by Prof Shirish Sheth, Presidet FIGO.
Making pregnancy safer: by Dr. Michael Jancloes, WHO, Country Representative.
Averting maternal death and disability: by Dr. Solomon Tesfaye, Care Ethiopia.
Different strategies and the problem of maternal health at hand: by Dr. F. Majoko, senior Obstetrician and Gynecologist from Zimbabwe.
Experience in implementation of the different programs: by Dr. Tesfanesh Belay, Head Family Health Department, Ministry of Health Ethiopia.

The 10th Annual Conference:
Conference theme: Violence against women.
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:
An Overview on Violence Against Women and SRH: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi.
SRH in Ethiopia: by Dr. Tesfanesh Belay.
Threats and violence to health and development: by Dr. Clare Rudd, a Clinical Psychologist from Zimbabwe.
Women rights policies and international agreements: by W/o Emebet Kebede, EWLA.
Socio-cultural practices harmful to women: by Dr. Dehab Belay, NTCPE.

The 11th Annual Conference:
Conference theme: Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS: Integration of PMTCT into Save the Mothers Program.
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:
Women’s issue and HIV: Overview with emphasis on its relevance to PMTCT: by Dr. Jean Anderson, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Johns Hopkin’s University.
PMTCT of HIV as a component of safe motherhood: Global and regional experience: by Dr. Inam Chitsike, WHO AFRO.
Prime II experience on PMTCT in Rwanda: by Dr. Sosthene Bucyana, Prime II.
PMTCT of HIV/AIDS the Ethiopian situation, challenges, threats and opportunities: by Dr. Abdulhamid Isehak, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Addis Ababa University.
The integration of PMTCT of HIV into existing MCH services in Ethiopia: Current status: by Dr. Tesfanesh Belay, Head Family Health Department, Ministry of Health Ethiopia.
The way forward: by Dr. Feiruz Surur, President, ESOG.
Scientific papers presented:
Mifepreston ( RU- 486) Present and future application: by Dr. A.D. Dwivedi.
Female voluntary Surgical contraception: A five years analysis at family planning: by Asfaw Fekensa, M.D, Kidane G/Kidan, M.D, Feiruz Surur, M.D
Guidance association of Ethiopia Addis Ababa Main branch: by Dr. Asfaw Fekensa.
Sero-prevalence of HIV 1&2 and possible factors affecting prevention of vertical transmission of HIV in antenatal care attendants: by Dr. Getachew Damen, Jimma University Hospital .
Occupational exposure to blood and other body fluids among RH workers in three teaching hospitals in Addis Ababa: by Dr. Shemse Legesso.
Gynecological laparoscopy in infertile women the experience at Gondar College of Medical sciences: by Dr. Nuru Abseno.
KAP on Emergency Contraception among female students in a high school in Addis Ababa: by Dr. Mesfin G/Egziabher.
Assessment of abortion in the rural and urban area of north west Ethiopia: by Dr. Elias Senbeto.

The 12th Annual Conference:
Pre-conference Dissemination workshop: Save the Mothers Project Ambo.
Presentations : Summary of achievements:
SMP Ambo Community activities: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi, Central Project Coordinator.
Clinical activities: by Dr. Ayele Debebe, Site Project Coordinator.
Reasons for underutilization of Emergency Obstetric services in three woredas of west shoa zone, Oromia region, Ethiopia: a qualitative study: by Drs Solomon kumbi and Ayele debebe.
The way forward: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi.
Maternal Mortality Reduction, A major challenge for developing countries: by Dr. Tekleab Mekbib.
Maternal Mortality Audit: A one day pre-conference workshop on methods of auditing maternal deaths.
Review of Maternal Death and Complications to make pregnancy safer: by Prof. V.M. Lema M.B. Ch. B; M. Med .O/G, secretary of ECSAOGS task force.
Methods of Reviewing maternal death and complications: by Dr. A.D Mulanga.
Regional Efforts in conducting Maternal Death Reviews: by Prof. V.M Lema. For full information refer to the 12TH ESOG conference.
Conference theme: Skilled attendance at delivery.
Issues addressed in the panel discussion include:
Creating an enabling environment for skilled attendance at delivery (Laws, Policies and related programs): by Dr. Ermias Getaneh, MPH, Ministry of Health Family Health Department.
Challenges in deployment and retention of health personnel in expanding coverage of skilled attendance: by Dr. Kidane G/Kidan, NPO/MPS, WHO.
Partnership for skilled care: saving mothers and newborns: by Dr. Alemache T/Himanot, UNICEF.
The forgotten newborn: by Dr. Assaye Kassie, President, Ethiopian Pediatric Association.
The role of midwives in promoting skilled attendants: by Sr. Kiros Kebede , Ethiopian Nurse Midwives Association.
The role of professional Association in promoting skilled care Skilled birth attendance: by Dr, Kassahun Kiros, ESOG.
Scientific Papers Presented:
Overview of prevention of postpartum hemorrhage: by Dr. Abdulhadi Eltahir, MPH, Senior Technical Advisor, USAID, Washington.
Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage, special initiative: by Dr. Asheber Getachew, ESOG, Prevention of PPH Project Coordinator.
The way forward in the prevention of PPH: by Dr. Biruk Tafesse, ESOG member, Assistant Project Coordinator.
Mainstreaming of Emergency contraception in the public sector: by Dr. Tekleab Mekbib, Medical Advisor, Population Council.
Socio - demographic profile and obstetric experience of fistula patients managed at the Addis Ababa Fistula hospital: by Dr. Mulu Muletta, ESOG member, Fistula hospital.
Review of patterns of obstetric and gynecologic admissions to surgical ICU of TAH: by Dr. Amanuel Kebede.
A case report a patient with ruptured ectopic pregnancy and ileoceacal volvulus: by Dr. Bivash Basu, MD, PHD, FRACE.
Assessment of safe delivery service utilization among women of childbearing age in north Gondar Zone north west Ethiopia: by Mesfin Nigussie, Damen Hailemariam , Getnet Mitikie.
Fertility awareness and pregnancy intention of post abortion patients in Addis Ababa: by Yilma Melkamu, Fikre Enquselassie, Ahmed Ali, Hailmichael G/Selassie, Lukman Yusuf.
Pregnancy outcome following conservative management of preterm severe preclampsia: by Sisay Teklu, Ashebir Gaym.
Sexual violence among women with unwanted pregnancy: by Drs Solomon Desalegn, Solomon Kumbi.

The 13th  Annual Conference:
Pre-conference workshop: Women centered post abortion care.
International commitments to reduce unsafe abortion & Chronology of postabortion care including a brief overview on the women centered PAC manual: by Dr. Fitsum Araya.
The Revised Penal Code of Abortion in Ethiopia ,Upcoming issues and next steps: by W/o Ellen Alem.
IPAS MVA plus aspirator and IPAS easy grip cannulae: by Dr. Yewondwossen Tilahun.
Conference theme: Millennium Development Goals in relation to the National RH strategy: Challenges and Opportunities.
Conference theme:  Millennium Development Goal in relation to National Strategy of RH: Challenges and Opportunities and Pre Conference Workshop On Women Centered Post Abortion Care and workshop on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:
Road map to safe motherhood: by Dr. Kidane G/Kidan, WHO.
Health system and management readiness for MDG with RH strategy: by Dr. Ayele Debebe, MoH.
MDG in relation to RH strategy challenges and opportunities: Economic perspective in Ethiopian set-up: by Ato Netsanet Walelegn, ESHE.
MDG in relation to RH strategy with Population perspective: what are the challenges: by Garry Conille, UNFPA.
The contribution of science & technology towards achieving the MDG in relation to RH strategy: by Dr. Yemane Teklai, Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission.
The role of professional societies in attaining MDGs related with RH: by Dr. Wouhabe Marai, ESOG.

The 14th  Annual Conference:
Pre-conference workshop: Two weeks training of research proposal Development
Androgen insensitivity syndrome by Dr Dereje Negussie
An unusual case of cervical Dystocia by Dr Samson Jema
Determinants of VCT uptake among pregnant women attending two ANC clinics in Addis  Ababa city: by Dr Paulos Maedot
Introduction to pediatric gynecology by  Prof  M.S. Banerjee
Advanced abdominal pregnancy by Dr. Wondwossen Belete
Management of Preterm premature Rupture of membranes by Prof. M.S Banerjee/Dr.     Nebreed Fisseha
Conference theme:  Implementing Best Practices: The Way Forward
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:
What is IBP? and ESOG’s best practices  by Dr Yirgu G/Hiowt, ESOG
Making pregnancy safer program best practices by Dr Ayele Debebe ,MOH-WHO
Engendered health’s best RH experiences by Dr Gelila kidane,Country Director ,Engender Health
Lessons learned in implementing and improving Post Abortion Care services by Dr Takele Geressu ,Senior program officer, IPAS, Ethiopia
Taking PMTCT services from Facility to Community  by Cristina Ruden, Country Director,  INTRAHEALTH, Ethiopia
Preventing FGM: experiences from the afar region by Dr Sitotaw Abagare,Care Ethiopia
Leading and Managing Change, and taking Sound Innovations to Scale by Jerker Liljestrand, Assistant professor, Lund university, Sweden

The 15th  Annual Conference:
Conference theme:  Implementing Best Practices: The Way Forward
IMPLANTS: what is new? by Dr. Ayele Debebe
Past Reproductive Performance and its correlation with current prenatal mortality by Dr. Solomon Tilahun
Barrier to accessing emergency contraception among victims of sexual assault in Addis Ababa by Dr. Munir Kassa
KAP of physicians on Hormone replacement therapy by Dr. Dawit Desalegn
Gender based violence among high school girls in Addis Ababa by Dr. Gelane Lelissa
A 5 year retrospective review of maternal mortality at Ambo Hospital by Dr. Herpassa Garamssa
Early Medical Abortion by Dr. Helena von Hertzen
Making products available for medical abortion by Peter Hall
Summary of the new classification of Obstetric vesical and rectal Fistulae by Dr. Biruk Tafesse
Female genital mutilation and obstetric outcomes: WHO multi-center collaborative study by Dr Guyo Jaldesa & Dr Mohamed EL Fadi
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:
Ethiopia’s Population Growth and its implications for achieving selected MDGs, ,by Dr Assefa Hailemariam ,SRC/AAU
The Future of RH in Ethiopia: Policies, Strategies and Action Plans  , ,by Dr Ayele Debebe ,Head, Family health Department, MoH
Upcoming Human Resource Issues in Health , ,by Ato Yohannes Tadesse, Health Training Department, MoH
International SRH Perspectives and their Implication to the Future of SRH in Ethiopia, ,by Dr Monique Rakotomalala UNFPA Representative
Gender policies and action plans:  inference  to the Future of SRH in Ethiopia , ,by W/o Atsede Guta, Ministry of Women’s Affairs
Young Gynecologists perspective and expectations of the future. , , by Dr Lia Tadesse, Consultant, Obs-Gyn, ESOG
SRHR and the Legal Implications , by W/o Mahider Paulos, EWLA

The 16th Annual Conference:
Conference theme: PMTCT Current Status in Ethiopia.
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:
New national PMTCT guideline: by Dr. Leuleseged Johannes
Identifying HIV positive women- opt out testing and counseling for PMTCT: by Dr. Tigistu Adamu
Expansion of PMTCT services into the private sector: by Dr. Eyasu Mesfin
JHU- TSEHAI’s PMTCT Expansion Experience: by Dr. Daniel Bisetegn
PMTCT and Nutrition: by Dr. Hanna Nekatibeb
PMTCT Mother-to-Mother Support Group Experience of Intrahealth Ethiopia: by    Dr. Yetnayet Asfaw
Scientific papers presented:
Hemorrhage: The Role of Misoprostol: by Dr. Tesfanesh Belay, Dr.Ndola Prata, Atnafu Setegn DKT Ethiopia; Dr. Yilma Melkamu, Dr.Tekle-Ab Mekibib,
We can prevent mortality and morbidity from Preeclampsia: by Harshad Sanghvi
Audit of Obstetrician-Gynecologists in Ethiopia: by Dr. Asheber Gaym
Supporting Accelerated Health Officer Training in Maternal Newborn Care, ACCESS, Experience in Eight Affiliated Hospitals: by Dr. Nebreed Fesseha
Outreach ANC and PMTCT as a model to increase coverage in Ethiopia: by Daniel Bisetenge, Daniel Kinde, Edris, Melesse, Girma Tesfaye, Meg C. Doherty  JHU TSEHAI, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, USA

The 17th Annual Conference:
Conference Theme: The Future of Obstetric and Gynaecologic Care in Ethiopia
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:
National EmONC Assessment-Ethiopia: by Dr. Barbara Kwast.
Obstetric and Gynecologic Practice in Ethiopia-Status and Prospects: by Dr. Mekonnen Kebede.
Obstetric and Gynecologic Education in Ethiopia: by Dr. Nebreed Fisseha.
International Experiences of Obstetric and Gynecologic Education of relevance to Ethiopia: by Prof. Lukman Yusuf.
Graduate Program at AAU/MF-Viewpoints from Recent Graduates: by Dr. Abdu Mengesha.
Medico legal issues of relevance to Health Care Providers: by Dr. Ato Abebe Asamere.
ESOG and the Obstetric and Gynecologic profession in Ethiopia: by Dr. Iyasu H/Selassie.
Msc Training in Emergency Obstetric and Surgery and the Obstetric and Gynecologic Profession:by Dr.Yifru Berhan
Scientific papers presented:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of clinic specialist outreach project in Ethiopia: by Abeba Mekonen, Tilahun Nigatu, Yibeltal Kifle
Ureterovaginal fistulae following obstetric and gynecological intervention in Ethiopia from 2004-2009: by Professor G. Williams, Dr Rahel Nardos, S. Broughton, Dr Haile Mariam and Dr Habte Mariam.
Safe Motherhood Initiative - A Success and a Challenge Attat Hospital Experience 1987-2008: by Sister Elaine Kohls, MMS, MSc
New Innovations for Cervical Cancer Screening Liquid Based cytology (LBC): the current situation: by Misrak Teshome
Mother-Support-Group Initiation and Scale-Up in Ethiopia’s PMTCT Program: by Patricia MCLAUGHLIN, Hanna Tesama, Solomon Hagos
Contribution of private facilities in national PMTCT program: by Dr. Daniel Kindie
ACCESS Program activities and its role in EONC: by Dr. Nebreed Fesseha

The 18th Annual Conference:
Conference Theme: Magnesium Sulphate for Prevention of Eclampsia Related Mortality
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:
Profile of preeclampsia/eclampsia in Ethiopia - A Review of the available literature: by Birhanu Kebede
Pharmacology of Magnesium Sulphate in the management of Preeclampsia/Eclampsia: by Professor Eyasu Mekonnen
The FMoH – UNICEF Initiative to Introduce Magnesium Sulphate therapy by 2010: by Ato Samuel Hadera
Clinical Guide for the Administration of Magnesium Sulphate in the Management of Preeclampsia/Eclampsia: by Dr. Kassahun Kiros
Newborn Health Status in Ethiopia; Why Obstetricians Should Care: by Dr. Samuel Teshome
Scientific papers presented:
A Multi-Centre Retrospective Cohort Study in HIV-Infected Children: by Dr. Yifru Berhan
Cord blood banking & Transplantation: by Dr Ri Min Sakh
3rd &4th degree perineal tear managed in Addis Ababa Hamlin Fistula Hospital, Ethiopia: a cases series study: by Dr. Habtemariam Tekle
New Development in Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital: by Mr. Mark Bennett
A Five-Year Retrospective Study of Vulvovaginal and oral candidiasis at the Mycology Referral   Laboratory of EHNRI, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: by  Negga Asamene1, Mekonen Getahun, Surafel Fentaw, 1 Theodros Getachew,1 Meseret Assefa 1 EndriMohammed1, Samuel kinde,2 Kasu Desta2
Pregnancy outcomes in a previously repaired obstetric fistula patients: by Habtemariam Tekle*, prof. Gordon William, Dereje Ayle

The 19th Annual Conference:
Conference Theme: Accelerating the Pace to MDG 5
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:
Creating Human Resource to increase access to skilled attendance: by S/r Azeb Admassu
Key Intervention areas to accelerate pace to MDG 5: by Dr. Atnafu Getachew
Making facilities ready - logistics: by Ato Yared Yigezu  
ESOG’s role to accelerate pace to MDG 5: by Dr. Ashebir Getachew
Helping Babies Breathe (HBB): by Ida Neuman
Scientific papers presented:
Genital tract infections and associated factors among pregnant women in Wolaiyta Zone SNNPR, Ethiopia: by Anteneh Asefa1 (BSc, MPH, Lecturer), Getnet Mitike2 (MD, MPH, PhD, Associate professor)
A Five-Year Retrospective Study of Vulvovaginal and oral candidiasis at the Mycology Referral   Laboratory of EHNRI, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by: Negga Asamene1, Mekonen Getahun, Surafel Fentaw, 1 Theodros Getachew,1 Meseret Assefa 1 EndriMohammed1, Samuel kinde,2 Kasu Desta2
Prevalence of Vulvo Vaginal Candidiasis among Pregnant women attending antenatal care in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by: Surafel Fentaw, Nega Asamenew, Daniel Mekonnen, Adino Dessale, Dessie Adugna,Woynshet Gelaye, Kassu Desta
“Superbugs” and Fistula Patients   What should we do? by Prof. Gordon William
Retrospective Analysis of 315 Cases of Rectovaginal Fistulae: by Habtemariam Tekle, Mary Venn, Gordon Williams
The Need for Better Resources for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in Ethiopia to accelerate progress to MDGs 4 and 5: by Mr Abduljelil Reshad, Director of Resource Mobilisation, Federal Ministry of Health; Dr Meena Gandhi, Head of Health and HIV/AIDs, Save the Children UK, Ethiopia programme; Ms Yasmin Yusuf, Health Care Financing Consultant
Virginity value, boy/girl friend value, and stigma related to condom among Jimma University students: by Fentie Ambaw1, Andualem Mossie2, Teshome Gobena2

The 20th Annual Conference
Conference Theme: The Future of Training in Obstetrics and Gynecology  
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:
Human Resource Plan: Federal Ministry of Health’s Perspective: by Dr. Lydia Tesfaye  
The Future of Training in Obstetrics and Gynecology: Addis Ababa University’s Perspective : by Dr. Dereje Gulilat
Scaling Quality Trained Manpowe: by Dr. Tegbar Yigzaw
Residency Training Quality Assurance: by Dr. Ira R Horowitz
The Future of Training in Obstetrics and Gynecology: ESOG’s Perspective: by Dr. Yirgu G/Hiwot
Public Health Obstetrics: The Role of Maternal Death Reviews: by Wendy J Graham
Scientific Papers Presented:
Maternity waiting homes in Ethiopia-three decades experience: by Dr. Asheber Gaym
Maternal death and near miss review: as a tool in reducing maternal mortality and severe morbidity, ESOG/FIGO-LOGIC Initiative in MNH Project, Ethiopia: by Ato Biruk T/Selassie
Initial experience in rolling out Mgso4 in Ethiopia: by Dr. Birhanu Kebede  
Obstetric Fistula: the use of urethral plugs for the management of persistent urinary incontinence following successful repair: by Dr. Mulugeta Tiruneh  
Different strategic approaches in obstetric fistula care and training: by Dr. Mulu Muleta
Epidemilogy of Obstetric Fistula, literature review: by Dr. Mulu Muleta
Brief communication Fistula treatment in Tigray region: by Melaku Abriha
In-school Risky Sexual Behavior and Poly substance Use: by Dr. Yifru Birhan
Meta-analyis and Meta-regression on Sexual Behaviour of HIV patients on Antiretroviral therapy (ART): by Dr. Yifru Birhan
Magnitude of Sexual Abuse among Male High School student in Addis Ababa: by Rahel Tesfaye
Assessment of Breast Self Examination (BSE) among female employees of University of Gondar with special reference to the application of Health Belief Model: by Dr. Berhanu Sendek

The 21st Annual Conference
Conference Theme: Expanding Family Planning Services: The Role of Professional Associations
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:
Pre-service Training & Family Planning: by Dr. Senait Fisseha
Family Planning and MDG’s: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi
Trends in Family Planning: by Prof. Assefa H/Mariam
Family Planning Programs & Making the Youth Beneficiary: by Ato Difabachew Setegn
Scientific Papers Presented:
Level of knowledge of cervical cancer and screening test among women in Nekemte Town, Western Ethiopia:  by Dr. Esayas Berhanu
Health service providers perception and practice towards safe abortion care in Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia: by Tesfay Gebregzabher
A qualitative study on Family Planning in Zone 3 of Afar region: by Tigist Fantu
The role of the private sector for provision of family planning & other sexual & reproductive health (SRH): by Melkam Teshome  
Expanding Access to Long Acting & permanent Family planning methods through task sharing- the experience of Marie Stopes International Ethiopia Country Program: by Dr. Birhanu Sendek
Exploring the discrepancy between ante-natal attendance and delivery in hospital or health center: by Dr. Margaret McDougald
Review of antenatal attendance and deliveries in a new maternity hospital in the Afar Region, Ethiopia: by Dr. Margaret McDougald
Prevalence and distribution of Hepatitis B and HIV in patients attending a maternity hospital in the Afar Region of Ethiopia: by Dr. Margaret McDougald
Completion of the audit cycle; the introduction of two comprehensive structured computerized proformas to assist in the standard of the understanding and documentation for operative vaginal delivery and caesarean section: by Dr. Mary McCauley
The need for continuation and increase in the national awareness of Menstruation Hygiene Management (MHM) in order to promote young women’s reproductive and sexual health in Ethiopia: by Dr. Mary McCauley
Medico legal evidence and legal outcome in Addis Ababa: by Dr. Birhanu Kebede
HIV Exposed Infants following at PMTCT Clinics: Risk of HIV transmission and its predictors in Northwest Ethiopia: by Digsu Negese
Parent and peer communications on sexual and reproductive health issues are independently associated with contraceptive method awareness of secondary school female students: A Cross Sectional study in Northern Ethiopia: by Yohannes Adama

The 22nd Annual Conference
Conference Theme: Evidence Based Intervention in Maternal and Newborn Health  
Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:
Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS Programmatic perspective: by Dr. Tewodros Bekele  
Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS Scientific perspective: by Dr. Abdulhamid Isehak  
Post Partum IUD Scale Up in Ethiopia: by Dr. Solomon Kumbi 
Antenatal Corticosteroids for Threatened Preterm Delivery: by Dr. Yenealem Tadesse
Scientific Papers Presented:
Prevalence and associated risk factors of anemia among non-pregnant women of childbearing age in Jimma town, south west Ethiopia:  by Yaregal Asres
Maternal death surveillance and response in Ethiopia:  by Dr. Ekram Mohammed  
What’s The Latest in FP Use and Unmet Need?:  by Dr. Dereje Negussie
Rapid Qualitative Assessment of Maternal and Newborn Health Care (MNCH) Speaking Book in Two Districts, Amhara Region, Ethiopia:  by Dr. Endale Engida  
Subclinical iodine deficiency among pregnant women in Haramaya District, Eastern Ethiopia: evidences from a community-based study:  by Haji Kedir  
Unmet need for family planning and its determinants among women in HIV/AIDS care and treatment in Southern Ethiopia:  by Dr. Mekdes Daba  
Awareness and associated factors among female students in higher educational institutions towards legalization of safe abortion, Harari Region, Eastern Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study:  by Ayele Geleto  
Introduction of a Standardized second trimester medical abortion training and service provision in Ethiopia, October 2010-May 2013:  by Dr. Yonas Getachew  
Pregnancy related acute renal failure requiring Hemodialysis: An Early Experience from a Single Center in Ethiopia:  by Dr. Delayehu Bekele  
Mothers awareness about obstetric dander signs and barriers’ of health care seeking practice at Haramaya District, Eastern Ethiopia, 2012: A Community based study:  by Fekade Assefa  

The 23rd Annual Conference

Conference Theme: Meeting the needs of Post-MDG MNH issues in Ethiopia: the role of scaling up quality Obstetrics & Gynecology training  

Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:

Federal Ministry of Health’s plans and issues in light of scaling up quality Obstetrics and Gynecology training: by Dr. Wondimagegn Embiale  

Post MDG Agenda: by Prof. Wendy Graham

Role of ESOG in scaling up quality Obstetrics and Gynecology training: by Dereje Negussie


Scientific Papers Presented:

Pelvic organ prolapse simple screening inventory (POPSSI):  by Dr. Dawit Worku

Application of the 1 – hour test and a novel pictorial questionnaire in the assessment of urinary incontinence following successful closure of obstetric vecovaginal fistula: by Dr. Fekade Ayenachew

The Changing face of vesicovaginal fistula as the result of obstetric trauma: by Dr. Fekade Ayenachew

Cervical Cancer in Ethiopia: by Dr. Eva Johanna Kantelhardt

Incidence and Determinants of Puerperal Fever among Parturients who gave birth in Tertiary Teaching Hospital, Addis Ababa by Dr. Fikremelekot Temesgen   

Determinants and Utilization of Institutional delivery in selected PHCUs of Tigray, Amhara, Oromia and SNNPR Ethiopia: by Dr. Birhanu Sendek

Assessment of Option B+ adherence: by Dr. Nebiat Arage Identification of Disseminations of Client Satisfaction with Comprehensive Abortion Care: by Bekalu Mossie

Patterns in Ethiopia’s Maternal Deaths: MDSR Data May 2013 – December 2014: by Dr Azmach Hadush

Surviving fetus from Abdominal Pregnancy: by Dr. Birhanu Abera 


The 24th Annual Conference

Conference Theme: From MDGs to SDGs: Reinvigorating the Roles of ESOG

Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:

MDG: Unfinished agenda, the Ethiopian case: by Dr. Haimanot Ambelu, FMoH

Overview of SDGs, Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths (EPCMD) and other global indicators on maternal health: by Dr Azmach Hadush, WHO

The role of ESOG: Past, Present and Future : by Dr Solomon Kumbi, ESOG


Scientific Papers Presented:

Factors Affecting Intention to Use Long Acting and Permanent Contraceptive Methods among Married Women of Reproductive Age Groups in Western Ethiopia:  by Tesfalidet Tekleab

Knowledge, attitude and practice of Health care providers towards safe abortion provision in Addis Ababa health centers, 2015: by Dr Endalkachew Mekonnen

Assessment of the contraceptive needs and practice of women in the Extended postpartum period in Addis Ababa: by Dr Hailegeorgis Awulachew

Near term rudimentary horn pregnancy with term intrauterine pregnancy: a case report: by Dr. Dr Melkamu Abte

A Prospective Analysis of Birth Outcomes of Singleton Term and Post-term Breech Deliveries in Jimma University Specialized Hospital (JUSH), Southwest Ethiopia: by Dr Woubishet Girma   

Maternal Outcomes of Uterine Rupture and Factors associated with Maternal Death among mothers delivered at Debre Markos Referral Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia: Analysis of the five years secondary data: by Mihretu Molla

Weight Gain during Pregnancy and Associated Factors in Harari Regional State, Eastern Ethiopia: a Health Institution Based Cross-Sectional Study: by Fekede Assefa

Successful expectant management of cotwin death in septate uterus:   case report: by Dr Temesgen Tilahun

Antenatal care and women’s decision making power as determinants of institutional delivery in rural area of Western Ethiopia: by Tesfalidet Tekelab

Prodromal Symptoms, Health Care Seeking in Response to Symptoms and Associated Factors in Eclamptic Patients: by Dr Wondimu Gudu

Trends in antenatal care attendance and their link to skilled delivery service: a study in integrated family health program areas, Ethiopia: Bekele Belayhun

Craniopagus Parasiticus: Parasitic Head Protuberant from Temporal area of Cranium: A Case Report: Dr Wassihun Nega

Prevalence, severity and associated factors of anemia among pregnant women in South Sudanese refugees, Pugnido, Western Ethiopia: Yaregal Asres

Who You Tell Matters:The Impact of HIV Status Disclosure on ART Initiation and Condom Use in Ethiopia: Dr Okeoma Onyekachi Mmeje

Status of Vertical Mother to Child Transmission of HIV and linkage of PMTCT and early infant diagnostic services at selected health centers in Addis Ababa: Marshet Girma

Giant Epignathus-A case report: Dr Nebiat Arage

 Trends in antenatal care attendance and their link to skilled delivery service: a study in integrated family health program areas, Ethiopia: Bekele Belayhun



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