1. ESOG-ACOG-CIRHT Collaborative Project

The ESOG_ACOG Collaboration project "Enhancing Medical Education and Residency Training in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Ethiopia" has come a long way and achieved a great deal since it was launched in June 2016 (It went operational on September 2016). The project which was initially structured with four interrelated thematic areas i.e. Residency program, CME, Journal and Examination & Certification has later on expanded its thematic areas with two thematic areas namely Leadership Development & Medical Ethics and two cross cutting areas i.e. IT development & Program Communication expanding the project to eight thematic areas.
Accordingly the project has made a long stride in enhancing the ob-gyn residency programs at the twelve universities through implementing the major thematic areas activities. It has worked relentlessly in improving the ob-gyn residency training programs quality through system strengthening and building the capacity of faculty and ESOG members at large. The project has also had a significant input in upgrading the reproductive health journal in quantity and quality and has also played a leading role in providing CME course to its members. (Please see below some of the achievements of the project with respect to the thematic areas among others)

Residency program:
Situational analysis
Launching of the harmonized curriculum
Monitoring and assessment of the harmonized curriculum implementation-pending report
Residency Review Committee (RRC) establishment initiated-to be finalized  and be operational
Pedagogy training to young faculty and senior residents
Program director's school
Residents' procedure electronic logbook application
Situational analysis
CME aspects training to ESOG members
CME course provisions-Standalone & ESOG AC preconference CME courses
ESOG CPD guideline development
Examination & Certification:
Situational analysis
Exam item writing training to faculty
Exam blueprint development/banking training to faculty
National Residents' in Training Exam provision-precursor of a certification exam in the long run
Psychometric analysis of the examination
Manuscript writing and research training
Increased article number and journal volume
launching of a website 
Leadership development training to responsible in the ob-gyn specialty training program/department
Medical ethics:
Code of ethics document development
Training on medical ethics and medico-legal issues handling
Program Communication:
Communication Strategic plan
IT development:
CME live streaming sessions via bluejeans