Annual Conferences

27th Annual Conference

Pre-Conference CME Topics:

  • Hands on Training on Basic Obstetric Ultrasound, Speakers: Pro. Joan Masterobattista & Pro. Shifa Turan
  • Hands-on Training on Laparoscopy: Minimally invasive surgery, Speaker: Pro. Diana Curran
  • How to prepare for media interview and public speech : using our skill for advocacy in the era of litigation, Speaker: Tesfaye Woldeyohannes
  • Updates in the management of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy, Speaker, Dr. Balkachew Negatu
  • Update on Ovulation induction (OI) for treatment of infertility, Speaker, Dr. Ibrahim Salih
  • The Pregnant Patient with Non-Obstetric Abdominal Pain: Workup and Management, Speaker, Dr. Jason Bell
  • Management of Post fistula repair urinary incontinence, Speaker, Dr. Fekade Ayenachew
  • Management of Advanced stages of Prolapse in young women who want to preserve their fertility, Speaker, Dr. Margaret MC Dougald
  • Overactive Bladder: Pathophysiology and Management, Speaker, Dr Rahel Nardos
  • Incontinence and Prolapse – A Physiotherapy Approach, Speaker, Angela N. Johanson
  • Update on methods for terminating second trimester pregnancy (2nd trimester abortion), Speaker, Dr. Jason Bell
  • Ethical opinions in OBGYN, Speaker, Prof. Peter Schwartz
  • Cardiologist's approach to Risk Assessment of  cardiac disease in pregnancy, Speaker, Dr. Dejuma Yadeta  
  • The pregnant cardiac patients: Cardiac catastrophes, Speaker Dr. Thut Teshome
  • Congenital Heart Disease ( Cyanotic Vs. Non-cyanotic ) in pregnancy, Speaker, Dr. Esubalew Woldeyes
  • Valvular disease of the heart in pregnancy, Speakers, Dr. J Igor Iruretagoyena and Dr. Dessalew Mekonnen
  • Controversies in anticoagulation in pregnancy, Speaker, Dr. J Igor Iruretagoyena 
  • Recent Progress in Inflammation Associated Preterm Birth and Neonatal Sepsis, Speaker, Pro. Catalin Buhimschi
  • Preeclampsia: research update, challenges and new opportunities, Speaker, Pro. Irina Buhimschi
  • Management of Rh-alloimmunisation, Speaker, Dr. Delayehu Bekele
  • Updates on the Management of contraception in women with medical conditions, Speaker, Dr. Sarah W. Prager
  • Update on approach to evaluation and management of female factor infertility, Speaker, Dr. Parul Katiyar
  • Management of ovarian cancer, Speaker, Pro. Christoph Thomssen 
  • Management of recurrent ovarian cancer, Speaker, Dr. Tadios Mekonnen
  • Vulvar cancer, Speaker, Dr. Tilman Lantzsch 
  • Chemotherapy in OBGYN oncology, Speaker, Dr. Abdu Yesuf Adem
  • Radiotherapy in OBGYN oncology, Speaker, Dr. Mathewos Assefa
  • How to approach pre-invasive lesions of the cervix, Speaker: Dr. Nancy Papendick
  • Palliative care in advanced Gyn oncology, Speaker, Dr. Debru Gubba
  • Fetal ultrasound, Speaker, Dr. J. Igor Iruretagovena

Abstracts Presented on the Conference:


  • Incidence of Gestational Hypertension and Progression towards Preeclampsia in Ethiopia, by Dr. Awol Yemane
  • Prevalence and patterns of Cardiovascular Diseases among Pregnant Mothers Attending Antenatal care at Saint Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa, by Dr. Dawit Bacha 
  • Underreporting of Health facility maternal deaths in three Addis Ababa hospitals, Ethiopia, by Dr. Mahlet Yigeremu
  • Prevalence of intimate partner violence and associated factors among pregnant women residing in Gedeo zone, Southern Ethiopia: community based Cross-sectional, by Hirbaye Mokona
  • Comparison of pregnancy outcome after repeat caesarean delivery or trial of labour following single lower uterine segment caesarean section In three teaching hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: A prospective cohort study, by Getachew Ahmed
  • Focused family planning counseling increases immediate Post-partum Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device uptake: A Quasi Experimental Study, by Dr. Muleta Befkene
  • Family planning utilization and associated factors among women attending psychiatric outpatient clinic, a cross-sectional study, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, by Tigist Zerihun
  • Spatial clustering and determinants of women’s postnatal health checkup in Ethiopia: Results from the 2016 demographic and health survey, by Tesfahun Taddege
  • A cross sectional study of emergency obstetrics and gynecology cases referral status in tertiary hospital of northwest Ethiopia; the neglected half of hierarchical health care delivery system, by Dr. Ahmed Amdihun
  • Immediate Newborn Stabilization in a Low Resource Setting: Assessment of a Newborn Advanced Life Support (NALS) Nursing Team Saint Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, by Tsinat Kifle
  • Molecular epidemiology of Human papillomaviruses from cervical samples in Ethiopia: A systematic review, by Awoke Derbie
  • Cervical lesions and its associated factors using visual inspection with acetic acid at a Referral Hospital in Ethiopia, by Awoke Derbie
  • Rapid increase in adherence to peri-operative infection prevention practices using a quality improvement program in Ethiopia, by Natnael Gebeyehu
  • Determinants of adverse pregnancy outcomes among mothers who gave birth from Jan 1-Dec 31/2015 in Jimma University specialized hospital, case control study, 2016, by Eyosias Yeshialem
  • Factors associated with low birth weight among babies born at Hawassa University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Hawassa, Ethiopia, Melese Seyoum
  • Mode of delivery among physicians practicing at a Teaching Hospital, Northern Ethiopia, by Dr. Hale Teka
  • The role of partner on fertility decision and utilization of contraceptives among women in four emerging regions of Ethiopia, by Dr. Wondimu Gudu
  • Magnitude of problematic alcohol use during pregnancy and associated factors among mothers visiting antenatal care unit at public health institutions, by Abate Dargie
  • Challenges of PMTCT service utilization in Amhara region: a comparative cross-sectional study, by Berhanu Elfu
  • Gestational Syphilis in Ethiopia, Meta-Analysis and Systemic Review, by Bekele Tesfaye
  • Azathioprine in recurrent IVF failure, by Ahmed Hussein
  • Characteristics of childhood sexual abuse and risky sexual behaviours: A meta-analysis, by Amanuel Alemu
  • Maternal, Perinatal and Labor Outcomes of High Dose versus Low Dose Oxytocin Regimen for Labor Induction in Four Hospitals of Ethiopia: A Multicenter Prospective Comparative Study, by Dr. Melese Gezahegn
  • Levels and correlates of knowledge and attitude on preconception care at public hospitals in Wolayita Zone, South Ethiopia, by Zemenu Yohannes
  • Survival status and predictor of mortality among premature neonate admitted to neonatal intensive care unit from 2013-2017 in Tikur Anbesa specialized hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2018, by Yared Asmare
  • Evaluation of a See and Treat Cervical Screening Programme in the Afar Region, by Dr Margaret McDougald


  • Spacial patterns and determinants of unmet need for family planning in Ethiopia: data from EDHS 2016, by Getiye Dejenu
  • Diprosopus assoicatd with Chiari II malformation and bilateral cleft lip and palate: case report and review of the literatures, by Dr. Melese Gezahegn
  • Evaluation of a see and test cervical screening program in the Afar Region, by Dr. Margaret McDouglad
  • Vesicouterine Fistula (Youssef’s Syndrome): A Case Report by Mohammode S.

  • Chronic Intracranial Subdural Hematoma after spinal Ansthesia for a parturient: a case report, by Mehari Bayable
  • Obstetric referrals at SPHMMC: pre-referral care and referral appropriateness, by Dr. Mustefa Negash
  • Pregnancy outcomes in multiparous women: does partity matter? A comparative study, by Tesfahun
  • Prevalence of intimate partner violence and assoicated factors among pregnant women attending antenatal care in public health institutions of Debre Markos Town, Northwest Ethiopia, 2018, by Zelalem Nigussie
  • Survivial status and predictors of mortality among breast cancer women at Black Lion Specialized Hospital, Adult Oncology Unit, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2018: A retrospective follow up study, by Wondimeneh Shibabaw

26th Annual Conference

26th Annual Conference of ESOG with Preconference CME Courses

Conference Theme: Ensuring the Quality and Access to Safe surgery in Obstetric and Gynecologic Practice in Ethiopia

Pre-Conference CMEs

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The 25th Annual Conference:

The 25th Annual Conference of ESOG

Conference Theme: SDGs: Opportunities and Challenges for Reproductive Health in Africa

Pre- Conference CME:

Basic Obstetrics Ultrasound Training (Hands-on Training): by Joan Mastrobattista MD, Professor, Shifa Turan, MD RDMS, Assistant Professor, Nasrin Benion, Lead Maternal-Fetal Medicine Sonographer

Hysteroscopy (Advancing your Skills in Operative and Office Hysteroscopy): by Robert K. Zurawin, Associate Professor

Update in Critical Care Medicine Relevant for Ob-Gyn Practice: by Haywood Brown, Professor

Writing Manuscripts: by Dr. Nancy Chescheir

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis: by Dr. Nancy Chescheir

Infertility Management: by Dr. Robert Zurawin, Dr. Eyassu Mesfin, Dr. Mustfa Negash, Dr Eskinder Kebede

Perinatal and Neonatal Death Surveillance and Response: by Dr. Ruth Lawley, Dr. Tamiru Wondie, Dr. Abiy Seifu, Dr. Azmach Hadush, Dr. Dilayehu Bekele, Pro. Bogale Worku

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The 24th Annual Conference:

The 24th Annual Conference:

Conference Theme: From MDGs to SDGs: Reinvigorating the Roles of ESOG

Issues addressed on the panel discussion include:

MDG: Unfinished agenda, the Ethiopian case: by Dr. Haimanot Ambelu, FMoH

Overview of SDGs, Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths (EPCMD) and other global indicators on maternal health: by Dr Azmach Hadush, WHO

The role of ESOG: Past, Present and Future : by Dr Solomon Kumbi, ESOG

 Scientific Papers Presented:

Factors Affecting Intention to Use Long Acting and Permanent Contraceptive Methods among Married Women of Reproductive Age Groups in Western Ethiopia:  by Tesfalidet Tekleab

Knowledge, attitude and practice of Health care providers towards safe abortion provision in Addis Ababa health centers, 2015: by Dr Endalkachew Mekonnen

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